natural beauty is flawless ❤
Hellur tumblr peeps! Im Alvina if yall dont know me :) ❤ book lover l Fashion l music movies.

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hes just soooo sexy
No.words this be way better than vampire diaries #theoriginals #michaelsens

I know u would be love this outfit! Blouse>>

roman + smoking

Where I’m from
Won’t be long
Til I’m gone
I’ll finish first
I’m done rehearsin
It ain’t worth it
If I don’t win

Gosh just love love love this song


Zane’s Addicted is being turned into a movie.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am. 

50 Shades of what? 


William Levy is always our Man Crush Monday.

Teen Wolf Merchandise:

OMG THIS WAS LIKE EPIC FAVE PART!!!!! ~who do you think you are b**** ! I am the true ALPHA ~ this was all in my head dont mind me



hello tumblr-people :)

Congratulations to The Originals and The 100 on their 2014 Emmy Nominations! 
Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series
The Originals – “Dance Back From The Grave”
Colleen Labaff, Department Head Hairstylist
Kimberly Spiteri, Co-Department Head Hairstylist 
Outstanding Special and Visual Effects
The 100 – “We Are Grounders, Part 2”
Andrew Orloff, Digital Effects Supervisor
Michael Cliett, Visual Effects Supervisor
Tyler Weiss, Visual Effects Producer
Kornel Farkas, 2D Lead Compositor
Chris Pounds, Compositor
Andrew Bain, 3D Lead Artist
Mike Rhone, FX Lead Artist